MRI Cervical Spine Axial Anatomy

miklJuly 23, 2016
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Clinical considerations are particularly important in the context of Cervical spine (C-spine) injury. This is because normal C-spine X-rays cannot exclude significant injury, and because a missed C-spine fracture can lead to death, or life long neurological deficit. Clinico-radiological assessment of spinal injuries should be managed by experienced clinicians in accordance with local and national […]

MRI c Spine Axial

miklJuly 23, 2016
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On this page, you will learn the basics of how to read your MRI for some of the more common causes of lumbar spine pain (low back pain or lumbago) and radicular pain (sciatica or lower extremity pain). First, I will go over the pertinent lumbar anatomical structures as visualized on both sagittal (view from […]