MRI Fracture Spine

miklJuly 24, 2016
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It is important to accurately diagnose vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporosis, as there are a number of potential adverse effects if a diagnosis is missed and there is no treatment. In general, vertebral fractures are associated with both increased morbidity (unwanted side effects) and mortality (death). Morbidity (side effects) associated with vertebral fractures often […]

MRI Cervical Spine Fracture

miklJuly 23, 2016
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The cervical spine is susceptible to injury because it is highly mobile with relatively small vertebral bodies and supports the head which is both heavy and acts as a lever. Fulcrum of movement is different in children than adults, C2/3 compared to C5/6, respectively; hence, in children cervical fractures are more common in upper vertebrae. […]