MRI Dye Injection Spine

miklJuly 24, 2016
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Regular x-rays of the spine only give a clear picture of bones. The dye (contrast agent) used in a myelogram shows up white on the x-ray allowing the doctor to view the spinal cord, exiting nerves, and canal in detail (Fig. 1). The doctor inserts a hollow needle through your skin into the spinal canal […]

MRI Dye Injection Brain

miklJuly 24, 2016
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When injected into the body, gadolinium contrast medium makes certain tissues, abnormalities or disease processes more clearly visible on a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Gadolinium based contrast medium is sometimes called an MRI contrast medium or agent. Gadolinium contrast medium contains complex molecules, that is, an arrangement of atoms (the smallest portion into which […]